Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Sunny Side of the Street

Well today in Dublin was, insanely enough, really warm. Like 20degrees or something, which for us pasty, pale dark dwellers who shrink from the first sign of sunlight, let's just say it was a huge shock. I almost thought about wearing sunglasses. Almost. 
But I did go for a lovely pint in town with DJ (from "The Good, The Bad Ass and The Ugly" fame) and seeing everyone enjoying the summer-ish weather in the beer garden really got me thinking. 
Not thinking about how relaxing and brill it was to be in the sun with a cold pint of Guinness. No, freaking out about the horrendous state of my summer wardrobe.
Which in turn got me trawling through websites, manically looking for clothes (which I can't afford, but that is completely beside the point) and coming up with my Dream Summer Wardrobe (* Hint * if you click that link you get to listen to a summery song. I'm so good to you really). 


TopShop Mid-Length Tie-Dye Dress.
Nice, casual day dress.
Not much else to say about it really.
What else can you say about a day dress?
Well, it made my list so I must like it.

Ivory Jar Three-Tone Tie-Dye Embellished Denim Jacket.
I have one of their studded denim jackets with a leather cross on the back that I got on my trip to London for Christmas and I really wish I'd bought more or their stuff.
I got the worst case of Not-Buying Remorse.
I still think about it to this day. 
True Story.

Nasty Gal Spliced Light Dress
If I ever got over my intense fear of buying stuff online I would do serious damage to my bank account on So it's probably a good thing that the thought of buying any clothing item over 30euro online causes me to break out in a cold sweat.
You can't see it in this photo but  this dress has a really slick cut-out back too.
I'm not even going to discuss the tassel things.
They pretty much speak for themselves.
I'm such a lazy fashion blogger really...

Ivory Jar Heart Shirt With Contrast Collar
For my inane ramblings on Ivory Jar as an overall brand, please refer to the photo two slots previous to this.
But this shirt its self is one I've seen at the Ivory Jar stall near Spittalfeilds and everything about it is completely knock out.
The material is so crisp and such good quality which I think is really important for a shirt and something you don't find a lot in high street varieties. They all tend to be soft cotton and very flimsy or something. This is completely the opposite.
Also, the anatomically correct hearts are almost too slick for words.

TopShop Pale Blue Silk Underwear Set
Because every girl should own nice underwear. Fact.

Accessories & Shoes

TopShop Soft Felt Pie-Ball Hat
I worry that this could be one of those things that I REALLY want when I look at it through the medium of the TopShop website but would look silly on my larger than average sized head.
But those worries have no place here!
This is a blog post for my dream Summer wardrobe and I refused to be curtailed by silly things like "what would actually suit my shape/face".
And this hat is just so darsh-garn cute!

Ivory Jar Jesus Necklace
For when the cross motif just doesn't seem to be hitting the right spot any more, Ivory Jar gives you a necklace with Jesus being crucified. 
Fair fucks.
Love the necklace.
Funny how just because of the subject of the necklace, this necklace would make a much larger statement as a piece then a full harness piece.
So much cooler than a full harness piece too.

NastyGal Cut-Out Bootie
These boots mix that strappy heel trend (which I don't like much, no one deserves to see that much of anyone's feet thank you very much) and the heeled lace up boot look which I find much easier to digest.
With a cute laser-cut paisley design.
Who could ask for more?
Just have to get a pedicure first, sort out the destruction that a winter in ill-fitting shoes did to my poor, poor feet, before I go parading even my toes out to an unwitting public. I'm not completely heartless.

NastyGal Stinger Spike Platform
Now, I'm not much of a creeper fan.
Like, I don't mind them. I'm sort of "meh" about the whole trend. But THESE are in a completely different stratosphere. 
See through plastic, spike stud encrusted, silver extra high creepers.
Like, if you just wore a plain black mid-length dress (say, exactly like the first dress in this post but in pure black) you could put on these shoes and BAM head turning outfit right there.
Think of the money you'd save on statement pieces?
But for that I suppose you'd have to have the ability not to get bored of an item of clothing after one wear.
I do not have that ability.
Poor me.

Ivory Jar Metal Tipped Tooth Collar
Yes, yes, yes. More Ivory Jar stuff.
I'm so bloody predictable.
More anatomically correct body parts.
Only this time it's teeth (creepier, no?)
As with above, this piece is about the little extras that add to a plain outfit to make them in to a super-outfit. Yes, super-outfit.
The detail on the print work absolutely kills me. 

TopShop Wire Rimmed Pink Over Large Round Lens SunGlasses
Just so I could feel like a member of Janis Joplin's crew really.
Yeah they're cool, but it's mostly to feed my delusion of being in a rock band.
Can you think of a better reason to buy sunglasses?


So there you go!
A snippet of the clothes I'd like to have for these summer months
If you feel like donating to a "Dress Megan" fund, or even better, buying me some of these clothes, go straight ahead.
Seriously, I have no problem with it.
In fact, please do exactly that...

And now it is half 11 and I haven't done any of my college reading due for 10am. Shit.
So as I go to manically do something functional with my life, I urge you to do the same
Follow on Bloglovin if you can so I don't look like such a loser please

Started taking a few shots for my first ever StreetStyle entry.
Sweet Jesus, going up to randomers and asking to photograph them for a blog they almost certainly haven't heard of is really embarrassing. 
But hopefully it'll be worth it.


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  1. i love your sense of style. i intend to look at every piece. where did you find the janis glasses? i am currently looking for a pair as i intend to go as janis for halloween party. but without the glasses, how dare i show up?