Thursday, 15 December 2011

BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund Shortlist

The hot young fashion talent has been cut down to a lovely little list by the good people at Vogue and the British Fashion Council in their annual Fashion Fund award, which is going to be the focus of this particular post... well, one or two of the designers will anyway...
Drum Roll Please.......
My top pick of the shortlist are......
1. Meadham Kirchoff
Yes, as you may or may not know from my previous post, I LOVE these two boys! Their designs are cute, inventive, imaginative, lovely, refreshing, adorable yet slightly twisted... the list could go on...
For a full explanation of why I loved their last show so much please refer to my previous post but suffice is to say, it was good.
But the thing is, these guys are consistently good. Their A/W11 show was dark and creepy yet remained to be quite playful. All of it was 100% wearable and basically I wanted it all in my wardrobe, I do want it all in my wardrobe now. So if you're reading this lads, send us over a few samples. Cheers babes.
Loving the necklace, the little tiny creep of petticoat and the adorable shoes with the matching socks.

If I could get my hands on one of those hats I would be a happy, happy little blogger.

2. Mary Katrantzou
Well, all I can say is once you've seen a Katrantzou piece, you've seen it. Their distinctive, bold and eye catching. Her silhouettes are structured to an almost angular precision, with screen prints which are vibrant as well as ornate. The sort of stuff it reminds me of is Alexander McQueen prints, that sort of clarity. Its really striking.
And as well as all of that, it's not just her last collection which was good, but her previous ones too. S/S12 is floral, feminine and the shapes are unexpected, like this sweeping babydoll dress here..

Now, THIS is a suit...

3. Jonathan Saunders
I swoon, I swoon. Just. So. Gorgeous. From his 1940's-geometric hybrid A/W11 collection to his floating and delicate S/S12 one. Just so light, feminine and ...well, just gorgeous. Not only that, but his colour palette choices were spot on. Nice rich burgundy with splashes of brights in A/W. Those patterns and stripes.. It was all stuff that I just coveted as soon as a saw. Also, their men's stuff for A/W11 was really slick, like I'm pretty sure if I saw a guy wearing it walking down the street I would 1. fall madly in love and 2. stalk the living crap out of him the clothes were just that nice.
Then his summer collection was just so dainty, fragile even. All in light pastels and creams. It was sort of like a dream scene but on a runway. Like a deep inhale breath of country air. Yes, I did just say that...

I especially like the long, maxi dress with that amazing vine detailing.

And then a final bit of nice male model loveliness...

The patterns are so kitch and I absolutely love them.

Anyway, those were my personal picks for the BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. Hopefully you've seen why I liked those three so much in particular, they just stood out from the whole group in my opinion.
So goodluck to those three, and any nice samples they want to send me will be more than welcome.

Now, to finish a college essay so I don't fail my degree...Although in that case I would have plenty more time to blog, and wouldn't you all be so happy about that!

Talk Soon

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