Sunday, 4 December 2011

Popping my Blogging Cherry by Bitching About Versace for H&M

As the title rightly suggests this is me starting my first blog (well, first blog that doesn't make me so embarrassed I want to pull my head into the cavity of my chest and die), so in the spirit of first timers - be gentle with me.
But this Blog isn't about me, God no, it's about clothes. Yummy-Scrummy-Delicious-Mouth-Wateringly-Orgasmic Clothes. The sort of clothes that my little dreams are made of - Oh and some which are horrendous. Because, lets face it, everyone one loves laughing at silly things.

So we shall start off with a bit of a bitch. This time about one of the most talked about HighStreet-Designer calabs of the past year, you guessed it - Versace for H&M.
Now, in the interest of fairness, I'm not going to lie. Versace is not one of my favorite labels per se. Well, not one of my favorite labels at all, wouldn't even put them in the top 20, but this is not really the point of this post...I'm getting off track....Donatella is as trashy as this collection - What now? Who said that?...Anyway... Back to point - The Collection.

Wow, I love tight fitting dresses made from badly fitting material. Especially when the background is in a really hot yellow tint of leopard print...Not to mention my love of ugly impractical small bags that look like Paul's Boutique's reject bin.

And finally a shot of the lady herself; the sexy bitch that she is;

Too Hott 2 Handle.

Try not to let this visually offensive collection upset you too much, it'll all be over by the time the collection sells out... Oh wait it did... In 24 hours.
This is another example of mass hysteria in relation to a High Street Colab. Unfounded, unnecessary hysteria. I mean most of the high street stores are producing far nicer things this season, we're filled to the brim with scrumptious delights at lovely prices. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a label hater what so ever. I'll be the first to admit that the cut and the tailoring of designer clothes are just nicer than most high street places. I recently rented a gorgeous black dress from Badgley Mischka for my recent Debs and never have I worn anything so Fab. But in all fairness, who can afford to own these things? Besides successful Bloggers (here's hoping!), celebrities (in the real sense, not Michelle Heaton Etc), and rich kept wives? Well, not me anyway...
So I make do with vintage and high street, seems to work for me, without the need to buy ugly "designer" goods from H&M...
Buy hey, that's just me...
Talk Soon, This time about nice things, minimal bitching - well, maybe not minimal, we'll see :)
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